Great Falls Public Library Director Susie McIntyre brought us up to speed on one of our most beloved community assets - our public library.
Our library has more than 29,000 card-carrying patrons and over 135,000 holdings. It is more visited than  our movie theaters and prides itself on being accessible and welcoming to all.
The library is continually upgrading its collection, as well as its programs and services. In addition to the popular bookmobile program, serving isolated and underserved portions of the county and community, the library has a homebound program and an online check-out service, allowing you to browse the collection online, and check out a book to pick up at the desk at your convenience. The library also provides the public with free meeting rooms for free events and has recently arranged for free parking in the three metered spots in front of the library.
The library is 52 years old and is showing its age. Flooding in the basement and the need for a new roof will need to be addressed soon. All in all, though, a very positive update from a very upbeat library director!