Today four students told us what they intend to apply to return as camp counselors at next year's camp.  Madison Bennyhoff, Connor McNeese, Coryn Cooley and Sydney Klippenes told Rotarians that they learned about Rotary’s commitment to RYLA (stands for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) a leadership program coordinated by Rotary Clubs around the globe. 
When Rotarians asked: “what did you like least about the camp?” all responded that they hated to say good bye to all their new found friends from across Montana and Wyoming.  They all said they learned valuable leadership and communication skills that has already proven to help them with school.  All four said they’re considering applying for the Camp Counselor position next year. 
Each year Great Falls Rotary accepts applications from local high school students to fill eight coveted spots for the summer leadership camp.  For next year’s application process Bill Harp challenged the students to help recruit applicants again from both Great Falls High and CM Russell Schools and additionally from Great Falls Central Catholic and Foothills High Schools.