At its November meeting, the board of Rotary Club of Great Falls bestowed an honorary membership to Ken Munski. It is a distinction well-deserved.
Ken joined Rotary in 1988 and to say he has been an active member ever since is an understatement. Highway clean-up? He's there. Centennial celebration? "How can I help?"  From Harvest Howl to Rotary socials, you could count on Ken to show up with his sleeves rolled up.
Ken was particularly active on all things Camp Rotary, from the camp clean-ups to cabin construction to equipment installation. Even after his relocation meant he had to leave the club, he has been instrumental in providing a pair of Rotary eyes on the camp and in helping us work through the bridge challenge. It is a sign of great leadership to leave your work in good hands. In selecting and preparing John Juras to take over the oversight of Camp Rotary, Ken has done just that.
For those of us who aren't engineers and consider "heavy lifting"  to be raising a 16-ounce stein instead of our usual 8-ouncer, the qualities of Ken's we'll most miss are his eternal pleasantness and his humor, especially when it came to "Rotary math." He should have been a teacher. He made learning new things fun.
But life moves on and so did Ken. Our thanks to the board for giving him the recognition he is due ... and to Ken for year after year of service beyond the call of duty.