Posted on Apr 30, 2019
Keeping in mind what we learned from our recent Member Satisfaction Survey, Rotarians gathered recently to chart our future directions for the club. In preparation for the session, the board had narrowed down the survey results to four subjects:  Fundraising, Community and International Projects, Club Membership and Youth Programs.  The participants in the visioning session broke out into four groups to discuss the topics and share a vision for a path we’d like our club to take in the next one to three years. 
The results:
For Membership, the group endorsed what our Rotary International President-elect, Mark Maloney, stated as one of his goals -- to keep family first by including family in all our Rotary commitments.  Also, to enhance membership, the group agreed that committees should publish set meeting times to actively engage more members.  
The Fundraising group recommended that we consider more business partnerships and look at additional fundraisers so that we are not completely dependent on Harvest Howl.  
For Youth Programs, the group advised that we identify a club champion to reach out to our local schools to find teachers willing to initiate and support our Youth Exchange Program and an Interact Club.  
As for Community and International Projects, the group agreed that we should focus on either Toby’s House or the YWCA to build a sustained community project and identify an international project that will focus on a long-term effort to help women and children.  
A very productive evening that will provide us with new goals to reach!