For the third consecutive year, the Rotary Club of Great Falls has made a donation to help cover the cost of trees for the families completing the Owner Built Homes program. Set to finish in just a few months, these new neighbors are turning houses into homes as they round the corner and start the final stretch of completing 10 homes together this year.


This week, nine Rotarians including Megan Connors, President of the Rotary Club of Great Falls, visited the Owner Built Homes site to plant the final tree in honor of their donation and dedication to these families and individuals. Megan expressed her interest in continuing this partnership, stating “The Rotary Club of Great Falls is thrilled with the continued success of something that might seem small but has a lasting impact for the hardworking owners of the Owner Built Homes program and NeighborWorks. This win-win provides our Club a way to beautify the community and help NeighborWorks make affordable homeownership possible for so many well-deserving citizens of Great Falls.”