Posted on Nov 13, 2018

Duck Derby Debuts

The first-ever Duck Derby Thursday evening went off “swimmingly,” thanks to the work of Rotarians and other generous contributors. Pictured above are Joann Gogoand Dr. Cait Walter, along with Saniel Clary and Jennifer Creed (yay, evening members!), and, of course, President Todd Neighbor, some of the many on hand to cheer on the web-footed competitors.
Todd, Joann, and Lacey Gallagher had the Holiday Inn Express looking spectacular, including the beautiful floral centerpieces Todd provided as door prizes. The food from Café Rio was provided by NW Energy, and event organizer Heidi Hockett even loaned her grandkids, Hayley and Jared Petersen, to the cause as “duck-chasers.” As promised, Glenn Lambert provided great color commentary, and Channing Hartelius shone as his inimitable self in the emcee role.   
Joann was the big winner of the duck race. (We were assured at press time that this was not an inside job, but our team of crack reporters and other assorted crackpots has been deployed to investigate.) Honorary Rotarian Gaines McFadden claimed second prize. Reports on the minnow race conflicted at press time. Chelle Fried reported a win on Facebook, but official reports indicate that the minnow race was discontinued when it was discovered that the fish were in fact dead. (“Live and learn” is probably not the right expression, but it’s the one that comes to mind.)
Anyway, it's always fun to be in the company of fellow Rotarians - especially when you get to mingle with the new evening Rotarians! Heidi extends her gratitude to all the Rotarians who helped make the event a success.