Posted on Feb 12, 2018
The Elks Club was packed with Rotarians and a whole lot of other Great Falls citizens last Wednesday to celebrate Sheila Rice's amazing career. You can see many of the Rotarians in the photograph at left, but it was impossible to herd the whole crew into the same area for any length of time!     
Mayor Bob Kelly hosted the event in his inimitable fashion. Sheila's siblings, niece, and grandchildren presented a hilarious style show of Sheila's go-to outfits. Mary Moe, assisted by Daryl Stevens, gave a multi-media performance, consisting of slide show and a blend of poetry, song, and twirling. Art Taft also did the club proud with his usual wry humor and a dance with Sheila that brought back lots of memories. Cari Yturri, who chairs the NeighborWorks Endowment, made a pitch for donations as a retirement gift.
The events was as remarkable as the woman it honored. In the housing arena alone, Sheila's vision, energy, and just plain hard work have put hundreds and hundreds of Great Falls families in homes. There was love in the air at the Elks Club, our old Rotary stomping ground, and it couldn't have been heaped on a more deserving recipient. Sheila, you're the nonpareil.