Posted on Feb 08, 2019
February 1 marked the 40th anniversary of the day Gregg Holt became a Rotarian. Think of it: four decades of service above self!
Gregg learned the value of service early. A Boy Scout himself, he has remained an active supporter of all things Scouts, and in fact his wife Pat tells us that he has a room dedicated to his collection of Boy Scout memorabilia.
Gregg joined Rotary in 1979 and brought his work ethic and commitment to service with him. By 1997, he had earned his first Paul Harris Fellowship. Last summer, District Governor Rick Moore, pictured at left with Gregg, awarded him his fourth Paul Harris award. 
It has been said that 80% of achievement is just showing up, and Gregg epitomizes that saying. Whether it's the Harvest Howl preparation, the celebration afterward, the Duck Race, or just our weekly noon meeting, Gregg shows up. He comes with his sleeves rolled up, a smile on his face, and a welcome on his lips for everyone he meets.
Over his many years in Rotary Club of Great Falls, we have known Gregg in times of joy, duress, and sorrow. He always sets an example for the value of getting through the bad times and giving back for the good one through service. "Gregg is an example of a top Rotarian," 33-year Rotarian Kurt Baltrusch noted. Happy anniversary, Gregg - and thanks for forty years of service, friendship, and inspiration!